Cacao Source

Pure ceremonial grade cacao from the Guatemalan jungle.

We offer high quality single source cacao made from Mayan criollo hybrids. The cacao is transformed from bean to block in a way that enhances its medicinal properties, as opposed to industrial chocolate. Order cacao here!

Our profits are reinvested into reforestation, agroforestry, and empowering communities in Guatemala.

The foundation of our sourcing program is environmental and social regeneration

Artisan toasting Cacao
Artisan toasted cacao is a different kind of quality.

Cacao forest
Visiting a cacao forest

Every bean is traceable to small family-owned farms in Guatemala

This platform is an access to single source cacaos grown in different regions of Guatemala. We give online visibility to isolated farmers. Once they comply with our standards of quality and ecology, we help them distribute their cacao. Sourcing is the root of Cacao Source.
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We invest in permaculture

Our profits (10% of the prices approx) go to our permaculture fund. We love agroforestry. Not only is it the best way to improve the quality of cacao, it also offers a coherent approach to implement reforestation.
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Radical transparency

Information sharing is a key to reestablish the full nutrition, economic and environmental potential of cacao. The best way to make sure about the origin of your cacao is to visit cacao farms thanks to our Ecotours. You can also Learn how to make healthy artisan chocolate from scratch joining one of our Workshops.

Delicious chocolate for social justice

We believe in the power of equity. Our production models provide jobs opportunities to more people. We also help communities to improve access to nutrition, provide tools for environmental restoration, and develop skills rooted in local tradition.
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