We ship artisan made cacao blocks

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Cacao has been distributed across MesoAmerica for millennias.
Based in Lake Atitlan, we source from all around Guatemala reaching isolated farmers.

Cacao’s flavor varies based on the region, climate and soil in which it grows.

Cacao Source offers you the opportunity to explore the jungle by choosing the origin of your medicine food.

We only distribute criollo cacao hybrids cultivated in farmers’s owned lands.

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We make sure that the cacao we share has been properly fermented, dried, and toasted. The artisan processing of the seeds allows a more efficient quality control. The hand made peeling allows our workers to make sure each bean is in the perfect state.

Shipping rates varies depending on the quantity and destination. We ship with DHL services to 230 countries in the world. Shipment usually takes about a week. Please note that every country has different custom and duty systems. Please check before you ship. Usually duty fees are payed at delivery.

Here is a list of the different cacaos we share :

Nuevo Amanecer. (Order here)

Harvested and transformed by the women’s collective “Nuevo Amanecer”, wich means New Dawn. This cacao is from the Suchitepéquez Mountains of the Guatemalan Pacific front: the largest area of cacao forests in Central America during Pre-Columbian times. For millennia, the art of agriculture and hybridization was mastered in these mountains.

Through generations of alchemy, this cacao’s flavor has been crafted to be fruity, acidic, rich in fats, and offer caramel bittersweet aromas typical to fermented ceremonial grade cacao.

The 15 women of this collective reestablished an old regional tradition of cultivating cacao in a beautiful way that provides their community with abundance and stability. The recent success of their delicious production allows them to develop their artisan workshop and propose an authentic quality of single origin cacao.

  • Criollo hybrid
  • Fermented for 7 days in banana leaves
  • Toasted over the fire in a clay pot
  • Properties preserved with lighter roast
  • Hand peeled
  • Stone mill ground

Tuq’tuquilal (Order here)

Tuqtuquilal is an Impact Center focusing on exchange of information to develop sustainable living solutions for the benefit of the local Q’eqchi community and visitors alike. The center is a start up “not for profit” that processes cacao, without the use of agrochemicals.

This cacao is grown in the mountain region of Alta Verapaz, close to the famous waterfalls of Semuc Champey.
Tuq’tuquilal is forming a farmers co-operative with more than 20 farmers who already provide their excellent cacao.
Their focus in breeds selection allows them to distribute highly aromatic criollo hybrid beans that are carefully fermented, dried, selected and processed without the use of electricity.

  • Criollo Hybrid
  • Fermented for 9 days in wood cases with banana leaves
  • Oven toasted, light roast
  • Hand peeled
  • Stone mill ground