Embark with us on an adventure to discover some of the cacao forests we source from.

This experience will connect you with the roots of ceremonial cacao culture. Check our tour calendar and join this complete introduction to the many aspects of the most human friendly tree. We will talk about cacao culture and agriculture, politics and economy, as well as transformation and cooking.

A visit to the magnificent Women’s collective of San Antonio Suchitepequez

We are what we eat. Then, why not being the seed of a friendly curvy tree, who’s pods appear like dots of bright colors through the green patchwork of leaves and sun rays in the jungle? Why not be cacao?
Or at least meet that tree. Understand it’s roots and branches, meet who makes it thrive.  

When we invite travelers in an adventure to meet the cacao farmers we work with, We are each time honored to introduce them to the source of a food they have been appreciating all their life. How many of us chocolate aficionados have had the opportunity of sitting by a cacao tree, meditating with its presence? Or of observing how it is harvested, how the beans are fermented and dried? How it nourishes different regional cultures and traditions?

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