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Empower Your Creative Flow with Cacao

As human beings, our creative energy is inherent and stems from deep within us. How we express ourselves becomes who we are and how we show up to the world. Everything is creative — how we walk, talk, play with sidewalk chalk, make spreadsheets, or even by preparing our breakfast in the morning. By doing, whatever it is that we are doing, we are creating. Even waiting on the street corner for a friend to arrive: how are you doing it ? The classic vision of being a “creative person” and painting a masterpiece on canvas is a concept of the past. Life is the canvas

Take pride in your creative energy — but watch out! There are many “blocks” to creative energies that manifest in our lives as stressors. Suddenly, life can become a mess while the capacity to “create” is stifled.  The beautiful canvas of your art can become muddled with the problems needing to be solved. The mind fires off a list of “to do’s” and the awareness of creative power becomes a cold, analytical lens. 

The mind’s tendency to usurp creative power is not a necessary condition. There are infinite alternatives, many of which tap into the infinite power of true creative potential.

Einstein time

Einstein developed an insightful theory regarding the phenomenon of our relationship with time. When one is feeling rushed (essentially without enough time), one becomes a slave of time. Time becomes our master. We succumb to “not finding enough time” to do what we really want and can’t enjoy what we enjoy what we are doing at the moment.

A flow state induces the opposite effect. In a state of flow, time melts away. You become entranced, captivated, and in full awareness of the present moment. Doing the things you love actually makes you a Master of Time. It’s like watching a really good movie. You become so emotionally involved with the plot that you forget who you are or that you are separate from the movie. Flow state melts the barrier between free imagination flow and mental blocks

Cacao is a bridge between one’s self and the creative flow state. Time and space are relative. Presence, and especially the quality of presence, transcend the “shoulds” and pressures of life into full integration into the here and now. Creativity is what we witness as an observer of the show of life itself. And as we get more enchanted by the show, we allow creativity to unfold instead of trying to force it.  

Cacao and the Human Energy Field

Theobromine, a xanthine alkaloid similar to caffeine

Cacao works on the human energy field through active compounds and nutrients that affect the body and brain. Cacao increases energy levels while simultaneously relaxing the nervous system. Theobromine is a chemical similar in composition to caffeine, but works more gently. It is the same chemical found in trace amounts in yerba mate, green tea, kola nut, and the guarana berry. However, compared to caffeine theobromine is vastly more mellow and gentle. Through absorption into the body, theobromine activates energy centers, especially the Heart Center. This can raise your heart rate up to 20% and stimulate the body. In addition to Heart Activation, cacao contains phenylethylamine, also known as the Love Molecule, which is a neurotransmitter naturally produced when we fall in love.  It energizes the body by opening the Heart Chakra

Anandamide, a brain lipid that combines to cannabinoid receptors

The relaxation from cacao is promoted by the presence of tryptophan and serotonin, which help balance stress levels. This “cool, calm, collected” state aids in the creative flow by giving us the space within ourselves to sink into the process of creativity.

Cacao produces physical optimization which is paired with mental clarity. Anandamide has been identified by scientists as the “bliss molecule.” It is a compound found naturally in the human brain and in a few other foods such as hemp milk and breast milk.  It creates a gentle euphoria that calms and illuminates the mind. In Sanskrit the transcendent word ananda translates to bliss, blessedness, extreme happiness, and one of the highest states of being.

Integrate Cacao into a Creative Ritual 

Create a portal to flow with your creativity using cacao. Dedicate a tranquil space dedicated to your ritual. Make it special for you; accommodate it with tools you use for your creative outlet. At first, allow the cacao to be your focus as you prepare it with your intentions. Make it fun— feel the excitement about what you are creating! 

Allow time to unfold through concentration. This opens and clears your creative potential. Meditate on your cacao. Use the five senses. Feel its origin in the depths of the forests where cacao thrives in its natural habitat. Ask the cacao to offer guidance in your creative work. While sipping, enjoy the aromas of the cacao, its warmth and creamy texture. Relax, and allow the cacao to work on you its magic.  As your body absorbs the cacao, you will be naturally inspired to explore your creative talents. 

Creativity is not only inherent in our nature; it is vital to our livelihood. When life is no longer a series of tasks written on a limited schedule, or a race against time, we empower ourselves. We become Masters of our own energy by investing in things that make us stronger, healthier and happier.  Relationships become more harmonious. Cacao, which is delicious and exciting on its own, offers the gift of upgrading our energy fields. Let go, unwind, revive, and step into the fast track of your creative acceleration.  Realize what mysteries only you can discover!