Expect one to two weeks for your cacao order to be delivered. For faster shipping, please contact directly through our contact form.

Cacao begins to melt at 97 degrees F (36 degrees C). We cannot guarantee a stable shipping temperature. Each cacao is wrapped in a plant-based plastic which holds the block firmly together. If your cacao has a layer of cacao fat on the edge of the block, integrate the fat back into your recipes.

To learn how to make chocolate, attend our chocolate making workshops! We have learned how to make chocolate through years of experience, as well as learning many pointers from https://chocolatealchemy.com/. Check out our chocolate making workshop schedule for hands-on participation and sense illuminating tasting. 

To prepare cacao as a beverage, bring water to a high heat. The recommended quantity of cacao per serving is 33g. This can be mixed into 6-8 oz (177-236 mL) of water depending on the desired consistency. Cacao blocks are cut using a sharp knife to shave the edges of the block. Hot water can also be replaced with tea. Some traditional and non-traditional flavor combinations include cardamom, ginger, turmeric, mint, echinacea, and rose. Create your own cacao elixir using the tools of your own alchemy.

To transform cacao into a liquid, use a double boiler to safely melt it. Chop the block into pieces, the smaller the better. Boil a pot of water, and place a bowl of cacao on top. The cacao will not burn, but should be stirred until it reaches liquidation. In a liquid form, cacao can be used to create chocolate. 

Cacao can be eaten in it’s pure form, but we recommend transforming it into food and beverages. Traditionally, cacao has been consumed ceremonially through a frothy, warm beverage in gourd cups. It has also been used in native apothecaries to treat almost many ailments. Today we recommend using cacao to keep to mind, body, and spirit healthy and active.


Cacao and chocolate are from the same plant, but undergo different
processing. Cacao contains many of the beneficial properties seen in dark
chocolate, but even more so because it is in it’s purest form. Whereas
chocolate adds unhealthy sugar, fat, and other hidden bi-products, cacao is a
single-ingredient medicine food. The seeds used in chocolate undergo an
alkalinization process that further destroys the fundamental nutritious
properties of cacao. To fully receive the benefits of one of the world’s favorite
foods– chocolate– we make it ourselves. We share this medicine food by
empowering others to also make chocolate using cacao by combining it with other
superfoods, like honey, fruit, and nuts.


Cacao is a medicine food native to South America and cultivated in Guatemala for millennia. It is the seed of the Theobroma cacao tree, which prefers to grow in moist, rich rain forests. The seeds are fermented, dried, roasted, and peeled to produce a paste. The finished product is a shelf-stable block of rich, fresh, nutritious cacao. The processed seed is eaten to bring peace and healing to the body, mind, and spirit. Please read our information about Medicine Food.

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