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From Rainforests to Dances in the Rain

Life is precious. Life is delicate. Life is the gateway through which we embrace our own being through the finite phase of living through this human incarnation.

This past week, Cacao Source had the pleasure of visiting a cacao forest in Petalul of the Suchitepequez mountains. This cacao forest is one of the most beautiful I have seen thus far. Amid the steep foothills of the mountains, and amid fresh water springs, the forest floor was full of colorful, healthy, vibrant life. To go back to the source, the origin of the cacao, the medicine: this is why we continue to explore.

Sometimes, amid the beauty that we surround ourselves to do this type of work, I forget that the blessings we have woven into our day to day lives are not the same for everyone. There is a war happening. It manifests in the form of combat, of destruction, of robbery of precious gifts in pursuit of short term gains. Across the globe, the forests are on fire. By the time you finish reading this article, the area of nearly 200 football fields of forests will be demolished. (

Each moment we are empowered with choice. Choose to be present.

Last week, Cacao Source hosted a benefit for the Amazon rainforest. Overlooking the breathtaking Lake Atitlan, we offered a peaceful protest to the war against nature. It begins with self-awareness.

As much as mainstream thought would like to argue, we ourselves are an expression of nature. Ancient wisdom has always portrayed this. The same carbon-based substances we put in our bodies come from the Earth. The same waters that flow through our bodies also flow through the Earth. Each thought that passes through us is planted on the Earth. These may be the thoughts that inspire one to plant a garden, or the thoughtlessness that causes one to leave behind trash. All is connected. All is one.

Fire is a natural phenomenon. It is a gift to humanity that has allowed us to see through the night, to transform our foods, to transform our world, and to gather in circles of celebration. The fire is within us to motivate us to make change.

The fires that are burning the forests are a signal. They are a symptom of the cognitive dissonance that have led us astray from the very hand that feeds us. Indeed, a global wave of #prayfortheamazon swept across the collective consciousness. Our fight for life, however, doesn’t stop there. In fact, it only begins with the conscious decision of each moment to choose life.

Dance is my weapon to choose fight the unconscious with the conscious. Dance is one of the oldest expressions of humankind. When we dance, we connect to the breath, the body, the community, the celebration of life itself.

For over 3500 years, humans have been drinking cacao to honor the cycles of life, death, and fertility. To drink cacao with love and reverence is to bring potency back to the heart space.

We danced for the love of life itself. The joy of flowing with the music, with the rhythms of our own being, brings elation. It brings gratitude. Gratitude is the medicine.

Lightning cracked the sky and the whole Earth rumbled. A rainstorm erupted. The danced rejoiced and jumped into the cleansing rain.

Humans—we are such curious creatures to arrive on this planet. Through all of the emotions that flow through us, we are caught in this tapestry of life. Yet we have a choice. We can hide in our shells—to ignore the war of destruction, to even be swept into it.

Or we can fight. Fight the darkness with the light of love and consciousness. I choose love—love for nature, love for my community, love for life itself.

Each moment is a choice. Life is precious. Life is a meditation that constantly calls our attention to choose the reality we are creating. Yes, there are many distractions along the way. Yes, there are hardships. Yes, there is confusion. I choose to remain present. I choose to be in my center. I choose a future that sustains and replenishes a place of safety where happiness can flourish. I choose life.