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iDance: An Ecstatic Approach to Becoming Human Again

When humanity accepts the reality of its emotional well-being, the world will know peace again. Excitingly enough, this empowers each individual to embrace the identity inside. I dance to escape the world of rapid pace and information technology. Yes, just for a moment. I dance to flow with the nature of my own body, my own movement, and the peace of inward listening.

When I first began to participate in ecstatic dance, I felt a new-found freedom of self-expression. It was like being a child: curious and innocent. What is this energy and emotion we cultivate inside? And how can we transform it into positive emotion? By emotion, I mean motion, because that’s who we are essentially as creative beings. When our motion is motivated by positivity, we create more good things in our lives. We come back to the internal circuits that make us human and gifted.

Two years ago, I discovered ecstatic dance at my community yoga studio in Brooklyn. It was Saturday night, and the vibe of the city was letting loose. Sure enough, in a dark studio with a DJ spinning tribal drum beats, a groovy base, and etheric harp lines, the people were gliding and spinning freely across the dance floor.

But wait, something was different: everyone was shining. Their spines were straight and their gaze sparkled. Their chemistry with one another was open and fluid as they danced with grace. They were alive and enjoying life fully! And, everyone was completely sober. Naturally, I jumped right in the pit, feeling the breeze of the music uplift me and play.

Since this first experience with ecstatic dance, I have participated in dozens and facilitated a handful more. The onset enthusiasm from dancing freely is always the same. Ecstatic dance is a container for free expression, as it unites the body, emotions, and spirit; It alchemizes within us the strength to show up joyously to the world.

Freedom is a gift. If you have the comfort and freedom to be reading this message, you are more free than most people on the planet. Perhaps for most developed countries, however, this freedom comes with limitations. Information technology has become a cornerstone in society comparatively overnight on the human evolution timeline. People are readily serving their time and energy by feeding technology. This is having increasing effects on the subtle mechanisms of our bodies, as well as the not so subtle rhythms of our emotions. As we forge our human creativity with field of computer intelligence, it is of the utmost importance that we maintain the balance of what makes us creative in the first place.

Humans have minds, and that’s why we have created information technology in the first place. We use the technology to connect the collective consciousness into an easily accessible form. In a way, this techno field of information is a “supermind” composed of information, calculations, and event forecasting. Through this mind, we are all connected.

The information technology supermind, however, can just as easily be a master as a servant. Technology can serve us by offering information when we need it, a platform for communication, and a medium for exchange. These are excellent facets. Technology can also be our master, as we are lost into the vortexes of online shopping, social media, and seemingly “mindless” activities that usurp our creative potential.

Yet as humans, we are energy generators. How we create and use energy is our decision. You can tell how these internal circuits are carrying energy based on how you feel. The best way to find out how you feel is to ask yourself! Then you can make amends to put your energy into things that excite you.

Ecstatic dance is an energy generator! It is typically performed in a closed community setting to offer dancers complete freedom. Musicians can range from live acoustics to DJs, and they hold strong creative rights to build a space for the dancers. Dancers are in a zone free of substances, cameras, video, judgement, and expectations. Through the music, they explore themselves. The more I dance, the more I relax and the more I flow. When you flow, you can open to the dancers around you. When dancers dance together, there is a connection that no technology can compare.

And what great life practice it is! When life is a dancefloor, we don’t distract ourselves from the sweetness of the music. We live fully presently with the music of life, always ready to step in sync. To dance is to be free. I dance to become human again.