Our primary aim is to honor and share cacao, a fruit with generous properties that have been largely misunderstood due to industrial exploitation.

That’s why we offer the highest quality cacao in the most transparent, authentic and honest way.


Cacao is a heart-opening medicine that expands our capacity to be grateful. We manifest our gratitude by empowering small-scale Guatemalan farmers with :

  • Regenerative ecosystems
  • Appropriate technologies
  • Information sharing
  • Our passion for the medicine food they grow


Agroforestry is a system of agriculture that combines forests and food-producing systems. They create an effortless form of abundance because they are imitating the patterns already successful in nature. By intertwining the value of food producing systems with the ecosystem services intrinsic the forest, we are sewing the seeds of abundance for future generations.

Cacao is an excellent companion plant to an agroforestry system. It’s flavors benefit from the biodiversity by creating richer aromas and higher nutritional quality. It’s compact size and shade tolerance allow it to grow below the canopy of larger, high-value trees. We share techniques of reforestation to promote this abundance.

Through reforestation practices, we are combatting the real threats from deforestation, draught, and scarcity. Cacao is more than medicine for humans, it’s also medicine for the jungle, as well.


We propose this project as a platform that would allow any cacao consumer or practitioner to connect with the origin of the medicine food they are enjoying.

In the same way, we invite isolated farmers to meet an international community of chocolate lovers. We also share with farmers what cacao becomes after they grow, harvest and sell it.  

This connection unites the symbiotic dynamics of conscious cacao use, fair trade sourcing, environmental restoration, permaculture, and ecotourism.

Each of those realities can benefit and profit from the others :

  • Cacao lovers from the Western economy spheres empower isolated communities of Guatemala thanks to our sourcing program.
  • We share the benefits of permaculture on the environment, and on cacao quality, with the different actors we work with.
  • We manifest reforestation in a region that faces drought and pollution.
  • We invite travelers and cacao lovers to discover the magic of cacao forests and their inhabitants.


Our mission is a resolution to the disconnection that exists between product and the source.

More and more people are waking up to the environmental crisis that society, and especially the younger generations, are now now facing.

These challenges disproportionately affect the people who are causing the least impact and are the most at risk.

The populations of the northern economies are now awaking and taking action against the injustice they indirectly take part of.

We the people, have a choice to act in coherence with our values. Let’s do it.