The cacao tree is all about cooperation: it loves sharing space with the symbiotic dynamics of its ecosystem. It will be more abundant when doing so. On it’s example, we connect with organizations aiming at the same purposes as ours.

Cacao Elves

Discovering Tuq’tuquilal was very inspiring for us. This super rooted project is a model for long term positive impact. Like us, they combine fair distribution with ecotourism and permaculture.
Their Impact Center focuses on exchange of information and sustainable living solutions for the benefit of the local Q’eqchi community and visitors alike. They process cacao, curcuma, copal incense and other delicious products without the use of agrochemicals. They are also developing a farmers coop, a cacao museum and a seed house. They are super inspiring and cooperative. We hope to bring ecotours to their facilities next year. Check out their website.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala

Artisan’s Robin hoods

Ethical fashion is a pretty epic initiative. They are basically the Robin Hoods of Guatemalan artisans, providing them legal and technical support in many ways. As they explain in their website, “the Intellectual Property Rights’ spectrum could be used to protect Traditional Guatemalan Cultural Expression.” So yes they brought exploiters to court and won! We are complete fans of their work. Check out their online shop for a multitude of artisan products.

Heart Solution

German alchemists

Our friends at heart solution sell ceremonial raw cocoa in Berlin, Germany and Europe.They source from us and other providers for high quality single source ceremonial grade cacao. They are a good solution to order small amounts of our cacaos in Europe with a lower cost for shipping and duties.
They also create holistic experiential spaces and workshops, regularly organizing cocoa ceremonies in Berlin and accompany various dance events in which the conscious and nourishing celebration is in the foreground. Check out their website.