Odilya from Nuevo Amanacer and Jojo admiring the health of a cacao tree

Humanity is re-awakening to its latent powers of conscious co-creation. Permaculture is a design philosophy that proposes humans embody a permanent culture on planet Earth. It empowers humanity to consciously design and implement a positive future. This is beyond “sustainability”—sustaining what has been depleted through unconscious consumption. We go to the source— nature— to find models that are productive, efficient, and beautiful.

Permaculture proposes we live in a regenerative society. We examine systems that are effortlessly regenerative to learn and realign ourselves with a positive and realistic vision for the future. The forest is an obvious example of regeneration: it is constantly reforming itself to enhance biomass, species diversity, and the water cycle.

The most successful ancient societies have always known that true abundance is a reflection of the environment. All material comes from the Earth. When the trees drip with fruit, and the water runs clean, humans are prosperous. What indigenous people have always known is now becoming more true for modern humans: We are an extension of nature.

We are modeling the nature of the forest to cultivate true abundance.

Cacao is an understory crop, which means that it grows best in the shaded, moist canopy of other trees. This rational concept devises a very simple formula.


Criollo Cacao Pod

Connect the dots: we live in an age of an unstable climate and uncertain future. As we claim responsibility and take actionable steps for environmental restoration, we are aiding the regeneration of the forests, the climate, the water cycle, and natural medicines.

Permaculture examines human influence as a series of concentric circles. We have influence over our bodies, our homes, our gardens, where our food comes from, where our natural resources come from, where the wilderness lies. What is at the center, though?

Cacao provides an answer. It offers a gateway to the human heart. Love is at the center. When we are able to consciously connect to our own center, our own source of infinite, we can extend our abundance back into places in our lives and societies that need more love.

Cacao Source uses permaculture as a tool to develop programs that work for the environment and the people by offering natural foods, medicines, and resources to the countrysides of Guatemala. What is good for the forests of Guatemala is good for the world: we accept responsibility for what we weave in the fabric of life.

Together we write the stories of a new paradigm on our planet. Cacao Source offers complete transparency about our project to inspire creativity and regeneration.