Purchasing our products offers you the opportunity of choosing the exact origin of your cacao. Each region offers a different identity of aromas and reaches different tradition of work.

Here is the list of producers we work with (check our webshop to find out which cacao we have in stock for shipping) :

Women’s collective of Nuevo Amanecer

The women of the Nuevo Amanecer collective are an example of collaborative integrity, work ethics, and quality control. They are our first and reference provider. The women’s collective sources their cacao from the Suchitepéquez Mountains of the Guatemalan Pacific front: the largest area of cacao forests in Central America during Pre-Columbian times. This cacao’s flavor has been crafted to be fruity, acidic, round, and offer caramel bittersweet aromas typical to fermented ceremonial grade cacao.

Tuqtuquilal project

The objectives of Tuqtuquilal cultural and ecological outreach projects are to empower the Lanquín community by creating regenerative economic opportunities and environmental education programs that provide healthier living conditions, economic opportunity, and initiate lasting benefits to the local community.

Here is our list of options for processing :  

  • Here is our list of options for processing :  
  • Ceremonial grade pure cacao blocks.
  • Ceremonial grade unpeeled pure cacao blocks

Our Partners

  • Euphoria Emporium
  • Jenny Sun
  • Maxence Dussereault
  • Tuqtuquilal